Hey there! I'm Matt, a licensed massage therapist, and massage educator. 


During the day, I help people who are struggling with muscle tension and discomfort move freely and feel better. At night, I teach anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology to upcoming massage therapists.  


The field of movement and bodywork combines my personal interests with a desire to help individuals find their path towards physical freedom and confidence. Our bodies adapt to what we're exposed to most often and I knew I wanted a career that would require a variety of movements and promote daily wellness disciplines. 


I studied movement & exercise science at the University of Northern Iowa, massage therapy at Body Wisdom Massage School, and have since continued my education in movement enhancement and behavior change. 


My work life IS my personal life in that the things I learn to improve my own movement parts are the very things I get to teach students and clients to help preserve and improve theirs, and it's something I love sharing. 

If you live an active life or wish to, but are brought down by muscle tension and discomfort, I’m the therapist and coach that will help you ease the tension, stretch out stiffness, and create capacity in your body so you can confidently enjoy the activities you love. 

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